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Guys! I leave for a while and everything changes

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Joined: 2008-06-26

Hey yall, its me bigbjason(yes it has been awhile)

so id like to say hello; i know its been quite a while since ive posted. things came up and i had to temporarily depart me time from wonderland; but know im back, i hope.

changes changes changes; yall certainly work quick. i was thinking about pwl a last night and decided to check up on it, which i havent done since i left, and wow things have changed.
oracle buys sun, 0.5 previews, a logo(yes!), a nice sleek site, oracle decides to cancel pwl from the labs(oh well) but atleast its out there for ppl to continue, and probably so much more ive yet to discover. great job!

so im just stopping by to say hello to all yall(nicole, ric, jordan, john, nigel, morris, oh who else? matty, dennis, kevin, everyone who i cant think of now) and to the community; as good and active as always.

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Joined: 2003-06-10

Yes, a lot *has* changed... :-)

Catch up on it at ...we're on Facebook and Twitter now too.