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help on - conference demo sip servlet configuration

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Hi All,
I am trying to execute the conference-demo project, however I am unable to establish connection between the sip servlet(running on tomcat) and the softphone(SJPhone).

The steps I followed are:
1. Deployed conference-demo-1.5.war on tomcat
2. Tried calling 'sip-servlets-conference@localhost:5080' from the SIP phone with - 'SIP through proxy' proflie.

However, I get the below two errors:
1. While making a call, it says - Service unavailable. Server is not responding.
2. NAT/Firewall blocked.

1. I am a student and am trying to run this application on my campus network. Also, I am trying to call my own ip from my ip. Am assuming that it won't go through the router/firewall in this case. Is this a NAT/firewall issue?
2. Is it necessary to get a paid account from SJPhone's site to get this application running for 2 pcs on same LAN?

Kindly help me with my issues.

Thanking You,

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Can you repost this to as we are moving away from those forums that are spammed regularly ?

Thanks in advance