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Digital Certificates??

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Joined: 2010-04-03

When I installed an application on a Nokia phone, I got the following alert,

"Security Warning: Application is untrusted, may be harmful to your phone. Your device is unable to verify the supplier of app. The device cannot locate the root certificate"

What does the above warning means and how to avoid this.
Any idea or link on the web would be helpful.

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Joined: 2012-04-08

whenever you install any applications on your mobile from untrusted source at that time Nokia Os warn you about ”Application is un trusted , may be harmful to your phone”. To avoid virus effect after installing this application you need to install latest updated antivirus in your mobile.
Certificate error generally occurs due to the certificate is out of sync. You can update the device firmware to get the latest certificates otherwise Set the device date and time as per application database.