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DVR - Recording with Multi Tuner - Deadlock Scenario

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The following test scenario on OCAP RI (Linux port, JAVA 1.4) leads to a deadlock.

1. Tune to Freq1 (Tuner1, Chn1) and present the Service (Watch Video)

2. While presenting Chn1 do an instant recording on a Tuner2, Freq2 (Ch2).
(You may need a suitable test app to do this kind of testing).
This operation leads to JAVA stack level deadlock.

(StartBuffering and CovertStart is successful in MPEOS level).

There is no deadlock if we do a scheduled recording (say start recording after 1 min) instead of instant recording as stated in step2.

One of the synchronize methods in "" is causing this deadlock. Deadlock may not happen if the platform uses Java 1.5 or above.

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Joined: 2008-12-18

Could you go ahead and file a bug for this via

If you have stack/monitor dumps, that would be appreciated for verification - in case we can't easily reproduce...