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Connect to RDV directly

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Joined: 2007-08-10

Hi all,
I am coming across a problem. I want to create a lot of PeerGroups those are hierarchized. For example, A is the root
PeerGroup, it has 3 sub PeerGroups(B,C,D).And, each Sub PeerGroup also has the same hierarchical structure. Now, i want
one peer join the PeerGroup E( Maybe it is one child of PeerGroup B).It should get connection to the rdv of PeerGroup E. But It failed
,I think the reason is it has not chance to connect to rdv of PeerGroup A and then PeerGroup B. Actually, I don't want it joins Any other PeerGroup except E.
So,I have one doubt. How can I connect to E directly?
Please give me any help,thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

A bug regarding child peer groups has been solved in the 2.6 beta 2 release. Before that version, child peer groups won't connect to rdvs. Check There is a code example in the programmer's guide.


Joined: 2007-08-10

Thanks for your reply