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advice for new project (HELP)

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Joined: 2010-03-25

Hi guys,

While I am new to the forum.

I must make an application using the java monkey engine.

Reading the documentation and writing on the forum I discovered the existence of wonderland.

I installed and run and I got to try some of its functionality.

I was advised to use Wonderland to do my job as they are implemented all the features that serve to me.

In practice the points to be respected in my work are as follows.

1) Once there must be a room with a central desk.

2) The user must have the ability to import PDF files, and insert some notes

3) The user must have the chance to see some videos.

From what I have seen wonderland already implements all these functions.

Can you give more information about where to take the modules that implement these functions?

However, any advice from you is welcome.

Respectfully to all and thanks for your help.

Michele Castriotta

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Joined: 2007-02-12


This forum is no longer being used. I have answered your question on the new Open Wonderland forum:

Please post your questions on that forum instead of this one.