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Automated functional tests making user operations

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Can I write automated functional tests to test functionality of a mobile banking application? This test should make user operations such as enter username and password in related text boxes, press a login button and check the result string displayed on the screen.

I'm currently using Rational Functional Tester (RFT) product by IBM, to automate such tests on Java or web applications. In RFT, you can define test objects which represent GUI objects. You can make operations (such as set text or click).

Is there any such functionality in JDTF os JDTS?

Further explained the question (especially functional testing point) because got no reply so far from such a helpful comunity :)

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thank you for your activity and questions!

Actually, in JDTF that kind of tests can only be of interactive type, so all operations with GUI have to be performed manually.

For example of interactive test see SampleInteractiveTest test at Sample Runtime TestSuite.