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Test Suite Errors for Sample_Runtime_TestSuite

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I installed JDTF and now trying to run a sample test.

I installed basic test packs as specified in Getting Started pdf, but removed them somehow. Now I cannot get them back! When I try to install those test packs again (using Config\Test Packs menu item), I add but I only see When I check the zip file using winrar, I can see the other zips.

Moreover, I see the following Test Suite Errors (in View\Test Suite Errors menu):
The following errors were found when reading the test suite:
mandatory property [TestSuiteType] is missing in [C:\Sun\jdtf-ci\admin\ts\..\shared\testpacks\Automatic_Readiness_Testsuite\]
mandatory property [TestSuiteType] is missing in [C:\Sun\jdtf-ci\admin\ts\..\shared\testpacks\Sample_Runtime_TestSuite\]

I could not get rid of these errors. I tried to delete Automatic_Readiness_Testsuite and Sample_Runtime_TestSuite folders from C:\Sun\jdtf-ci\admin\shared\testpacks. This seems to disappear the Test Suite Errors I mentioned, but I still cannot add those test packs to the harness..

Any suggestions?

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It seems that the have been corrupted somehow. Please try using one from JDTF bundle zip:
extract from\\jdtf\tp_packages\ somewhere and use it when installing test packs.

If it won't help, please write again, we'll try to find out the problem.


Joined: 2010-03-18

Hi evelina,

When I changed my regional settings from Turkish to English (US) and restarted JDTF harness, I was able to see the 2 test suites.

Will try to run sample tests now..