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trying to use book: JXTA In A Nutshell...where is the 'easy' install?

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Hi there,

I'm trying to learn JXTA by reading the O'Reilly book JXTA In A Nutshell. This book has only one edition, written back in 2002, and it seems that much has changed.

The link

appears to be broken, and this site's link for the JXTA 1.0 download does not contain this whole list of jar files

jxta.jar <-- has this one
jxtasecurity.jar <--- has this one

I guess I can pull log4j.jar out of a tomcat distro or something, and I'm guessing minimalBC.jar is a Bouncy Castle library? The rest I have no clue.

Question 1: Where can I get all these jars in one place? I'd prefer somewhere on the JXTA site, but somewhere else would work too, I guess.
Question 2: How can I get in touch with Scott Oaks? Of the 3 authors of JXTA In A Nutshell, his author bio was the only one with a public email address, and he didn't respond to my email. It's just that I figure he'd be in the best position to answer question 1 there.
Question 3: Is there a more-up-to-date resource on learning to use JXTA that uses current code (ie JXTA 2.5)? I tried using the JXTA 2.5 libraries with the J-In-A-N book's HelloWorld examples, and ended up with a NullPointer exception somewhere inside the JXTA code after calling, that's not so good.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Read the book only for the JXTA concepts. The code in this book does not work.

And use the code of JXTA 2.6

And read :
Programmer's Guide 2.6 (Beta1) - PDF, ODT.
Release Notes 2.6 (Beta1) - PDF, ODT.

And give feed back.