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Resource file fonts cut on a bottom

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Joined: 2010-03-07

I load font from resource file to create main menu items. The font is one found on the internet.
Theme creator settings for my font:
"Create Bitmap": on
"Family": type_write_font
Size: 50
Style: bold - off, italic - off
Anti-Aliasing: Simple
Charset: default

Theme creator is from 1.3 release.

Fonts are cut on a bottom: every "p", "j", "y" ... etc. have their "tail" cut.
If I reduce font size to 44 and below everything is OK.

What is the problem. Is it creator itself or I have to "tune up" font.

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Joined: 2012-05-08


I am kind of stuck with the same issue. Have you been able to resolve this? If yes please can you link me to the solution.

I am aware of the memory issues as pointed to in the previous reply however I am trying to display full screen sized digits on my phone screen and the only way to do so is to use LWUIT

But unfortunately with the font characters getting trimmed from below for any size above 65 it's becoming more of a dead end for me.


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This is probably a bug in the creator.
Regardless, its not a good idea to create such large fonts since they will eat up ridiculous amounts of memory e.g. assuming a 50 pixel font has a 25 pixel average character width with 60 characters (low case, upcase, numbers and symbols):
50 x 25 x 60 x 4 x (1 + number of colors used for the font) == 300kb!

The 4 is the 4 bytes per pixel used for drawing the fonts and the 300kb is per color used which means if you are using a white font it will take up 600kb! If you are using red and white it will total in 900...