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Application freezes in replaceAndWait()

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I am using LWUIT 1.3 (not source). I have made a simple program to replace a container with another container using replaceAndWait() when a key is pressed. This is done using an ActionListener.

My problem is that if I press the button quickly enough while the transition is still working, the program freezes -- for example, if I set transition time to 5000 msec. The preferred solution for this is being able to block certain keys from firing events.

Is there a way to do this kind of blocking? Or any other solution to the transition freeze?

TIA, ntaz

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Is this issue reproducible in the LWUIT demo?
The transition demo has an "apply to component" feature that makes the icons in the home screen transition.

You can block keys by overriding Form's keyPressed/keyReleased and not calling super.