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A 3d visit presenting ... well ... java3D

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Joined: 2004-03-25

Hello java3d colleagues and friends,
During the WE I have convinced myself that the english saying "eat your own dog food" could also apply to me...

--> I am trying to have a 3D-visit-kind-of-experience explaining (a bit ) the java3D API and presanting the differents projects that are actually using this API.

1) Here is my first version (very quick and dirty made):

2) Please do tell me what you think (good or bad).
3) Also do not hesitate to tell me things I can do better...
4) Very important : If you are using java3D and would like this 3D-visit-like to also include your project, please send me and email with the url of the project.

Thank you and viva java3D

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Joined: 2006-12-21


It runs just fine here.

Some tips:

reduce FOV angle - it is very wide.
Use some multitexture to pre-lit walls and floor. It gives amazing eye candy results