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How to bypass firewalls in LAN?

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Joined: 2009-12-28

Hello to everyone!
I would like to create a simple JXTA application that runs in a LAN, nothing fancy. Still, some computers are protected by firewalls so I can't connect to those and check advertisments of any kind. From what I've read from the documentation using HTTP as a transport protocol might enable me to bypass the firewall.
I know that more advanced solutions exist such as using relay peers, but is it really necesary for a LAN application to use relays?
I must say that my application consists only of ADHOC peers.

Being more precise, is the following code going to work to bypass firewalls? If not what should I do?

NetworkConfigurator configurator = manager.getConfigurator();

Any response will be highly appreciated,

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Joined: 2007-01-31

Adhoc only use multicasting for communication. Enabling http has no impact with adhoc, it is the same as doing nothing. If some peers are block by firewalls implemented on the device, then the corresponding port (1234 on top of my head, but double-check this in the Javadoc) must be opened on these devices. Otherwise, your JXTA/JXSE app will never work/communicate with other peers, no matter what you do...