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Java enabled network device?

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I'm looking for a small/lightweight Java-enabled programmable device that can be connected to the internet (either by using a standard network RJ-45 connector or by connecting via WI-FI). Also, the device will always be turned on, so a power-cable connection, rather than batteries, is probably necessary. No display needed.

My first thought was using a java enabled mobile phone. But mobile phones are not designed for long-term running, especially not on a power-cable connection.

Does anyone know of any (perhaps Squawk enabled) device that fit this description? Except Sun Spot (which seem to expensive & perhaps to much for this project)...

PS. The java app itself (very small) will periodically access and post data to a webpage. DS.

Thank you!

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PS: I just did a write-up on some of the info I've been collecting regarding Java on embedded platforms - see here:

-- Terrence

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OMG! That's the best device I've ever seen! That's like MADE for my project!! Thank you!!!

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Hello trench_,

O think a mobile phone is designed for long-term running :-) and it can be connect in a recharger 24 hours with no problem. Another solution is the Siemens TC65 GSM Modem, It's a modem java enabled.

Marlon Luz

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Thank you for the suggestions!! Do you have any hint about a mobile phone (cheap) that don't get overheated if plugedin constantly? What brand & model (Sony Ericsson/Nokia) is the most reliable?

Also, the modem seems like a way out, but for >$400 I could get a small laptop instead :) I'm currently investigating Lantronix XPort Pro but I'm afraid I have to into welding stuff to get that working:


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You could run phoneMe or Squawk on this as it is running Linux. I tried to look for a JavaOne announcement on this, but couldn't find it. I thought I saw it at JavaOne.