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record storage

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Hi all,

Are there many standard options for simple record storage (user prefs for example) people are using? Is my understanding correct that RMS is not available?

Also, are there any packages builtin which support secure storage or things like passwords, etc.

Thank you!

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Joined: 2008-10-01

As far as I know the usual way to store user preferences or application settings is persistent storage. Every signed app can read the folder
and write in
where the root path is a system property and the ids can be read from XletContext.getXletProperty()

But this storage is limited and shared by all Apps so there is no guarantee that your settings will still be there, next time you use your disc. It's kind of a "fair use" situation.

I don't think there is a special secure storage package and I also haven't heard of any RMS-like thing.

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