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Update your bookmarks! The Wonderland project has a new home

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Hopefully by now, you've all seen the Open Wonderland Foundation announcement ( We're very excited about the next chapter in the evolution of Wonderland as a truly community-driven open source project.

As part of that transition, we are forking the Wonderland code to create a new Open Wonderland source code repository on Google Code. We are doing this for a number of reasons: partly because we want to make it clear what the Foundation is contributing, partly to move away from the instability we've seen with the infrastructure, and partly for the hugely improved functionality of the Google Code tools.

As of today, our new homes are:

Web site:

The full transition will take a little while, but as of right now all new source code changes will take place in the new repository. We will also expect all traffic to move to the new forum -- we will continue to monitor this forum, but only to redirect people to the new one. To switch your Wonderland workspace over to the Open Wonderland fork right now, follow the instructions here:
We also encourage you to sign up for the new forum and check out the new web site.

We have a number of outstanding bug fixes that we plan to integrate into the new workspace shortly. If all goes well with the transition and everyone pitches in to help with testing, we should able to have a Preview 4 release in the next few weeks. Follow the details on preview 4 in the new forum:

We look forward to seeing you there!
-the Open Wonderland team