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DVR startup

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I'm looking into a problem where an application doesn't find any recorded content when it is started. From the trace below, it appears that the RI is starting the application prior to the DVR subsystem being fully ready to go. Is this correct behavior? It seems like the recorded content should all be loaded prior to signaling applications. I may be able to workaround this for now by inserting a delay into the application startup but that's not an ideal solution. Are there any other approaches I should consider?


20100309 13:53:26.466 INFO RI.Stack- 5492 [pool-2] INFO application.Application$State - appid=1112703e LOADED->STARTED success

20100309 13:53:33.203 INFO RI.Stack- 12231 [pool-1] INFO recording.RecordingManagerImpl - loadPersistentRecordings: START
20100309 13:53:33.212 INFO RI.Stack- 12231 [pool-1] INFO recording.RecordingManagerImpl - loadPersistentRecordings: Loading 20 recordings...

20100309 13:53:37.244 INFO RI.Stack- 16271 [pool-1] INFO recording.RecordingManagerImpl - restoreRecordings: finished loading of persisted recordings

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RecordingManager initialization is currently delayed until out-of-band SI is acquired to prevent recordings from being unable to resolve Locators at start-up. There is a work item (OCORI-800) to change when these Locators are resolved to move this dependency to the recording start time.

The issue you're seeing is unique to hostapp-launched or stored xlets. xlets launched via the network would not have this issue - since the launching of your app will naturally be gated by the acquisition of OOB SI as well.

Rather than put in a delay, you can use this in your app for the time-being:

SIManagerExt siMgr = (SIManagerExt)SIManager.createInstance();

Which will block your app until SI is acquired or acquisition times out.

I'll try to post here when OCORI-800 is completed.

Joined: 2009-11-30

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!