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EventRouter executor lock

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I encounter problem firing events from RA to SLEE. Events which are fired in one activity which has long live time, from given point in time hadn't delivered to services (SBB).
I change EventRouterImpl log level do debug and for these events I see logs from lines:

1) routeEvent: logger.debug("Routing event: " + de.getEventTypeId() + " activity "
+ de.getActivity() + " address " + de.getAddress());

2) routeEvent: logger.debug("FINISHED routeEvent " + de.getEventTypeId());

But didn't see any logs from:
1) EventExecutor: logger.warn("Routing event: " + de.getEventTypeId() + " activity "
+ de.getActivity() + " address " + de.getAddress()+ " failed to ensure no temp attachs exist for the activity, re-routing...");

either from:
2) routeQueuedEvent: if (logger.isDebugEnabled())
logger.debug("\n\n\nrouteTheEvent : [[[ eventId "
+ de.getEventTypeId());

So I understand ExecutorService for this given Activity fall in some kind of deadlock ?
Does anybody know answer what could happened ?


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Gregory, can you please joing mobicents-public google group and continue this thread there? It's getting harder and harder to keep handling posts for help in multiple places, and mobicents-public group is the official community forum.

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