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JXTA shell -- basic steps

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Joined: 2010-03-09

Hi all,
as a newbie to JXTA project I've tried to run some peers on localhost using the JXTA shell app. Trying all possible shell commands to join default peer group, publish peer adv etc. I'm not able to find any other peers in peer group.

Is there any tutorial with basic steps how to establish peers' network with JXTA shell app? Or can anybody send the sequence of shell command for two peers on localhost and PlatformConfig setting?

Thanks a lot

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Joined: 2010-03-16

I installed JXTA under Linux Fedora 12. I tried the two examples of Discovery Client and Server. The Configuration Tool never launched. Is it absolutely necessary to use the tool? The examples worked temporarily, but stopped working. I don't know why. I'm running with the default options -localhost with multicast. I set the user name and password for both programmatically. Also, is there any way to turn off warning messages?


Joined: 2007-01-31


Unfortunately, no one has taken care of the shell project recently and you are not the first one to report issues with it. I would advise you to try to use JXTA/JXSE using code examples from the Programmer's Guide or those available at


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I am kind of new at this as well - but I think this is going to help . I hope it does!

[url=]Door Systems[/url]