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Newbie help wanted

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I am in the process of teaching myself Java. I am using both the Sun web-site tutorials and what my job offers. I have a question, what is the difference between an Object and a Class? I looked on Wikianswers but unfortunately I don't understand their answer (at this point like reading Greek).

I know a class contains variables and methods, so is an object the same thing?

I know this forum is for advanced people / professions who already have masterd this stuff so bear with me.

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I am also teaching myself Java and I will be glad to help whenever you migth need it.
To answer your post , a class is like a template or blueprint if you prefer that enables you to create many objects that have the same attributes and behaviour but with different state.

An example :

//here you have a class student

public class Student {
String name;
int age;

public Student(String theName,int theAge) {

public void setName (String newName) {


//here i create student objects

Student student1= new Student("John",20);
Student student2= new Student("Marie",30);

Both are objects created from the Student class; they have the same attributes name and age; the same behavior since can do the same thing with the setName method ; but they have different states since the value of the attributes differ.

Hope this was helpful

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For example this is a class:

class Dog
int age;
String color;
String name;
public void run(){


An object Dog is an instance of that class. The class Dog helps you to create many objects.

Dog fifi=new Dog();
fifi.color = "yellow"; = "fifi";

Dog marvella=new Dog();
marvella.color = "yellow"; = "fifi";

In summary in this example we have one Class called Dog, and two objects of that class: fifi and marvella.