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How to move Web Service Clients from Development to production ?

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I have an web service client that uses development instance of web service on my local machine, however this client need to call the production instance of web service when put to production use. What are the different ways we can make the client point to production version of the web service ?

As present while moving the client application to production we do wsimport with the URL of production web service instance and while development I wsimport the development instance of web service.

Is there is a way to avoid WSIMPORT everytime we move the client from development to production ?

Akhil Bansal

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I assume that the difference between production and development is the web service URL, that is server IP address (or host name), port number and maybe context.
I also assume that the clients are transparent to the server type, that is, the same client can work with development or production server with no extra settings, except server URL.

Therefore the only problem is how to maintain the URL at the client; you can develop some "login" mechanism at the client that will decide which server to use, use predefined property files, ask the user etc.
Eventually, it's a question of how to maintain this URL at the client.
I don't think there is need in WSIMPORT every time you switch your environment.