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HttpURLConnection setReadTimeout is broken?

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Joined: 2005-06-08

Using: jdk1.6.0_17
I am trying to develop something that can track an HTTP URL for availability.
I was almost ready to use Apache's http client library then I suddenly noticed that since 1.4 Java net API has setReadTimeout on HttpURLConnection
So I went ahead and built something that looks like this

HttpURLConnection httpConn = initHttpUrlConnection(); //initates connection to http url
OutputStream out = httpConn.getOutputStream();
out.write(testRequestData.getBytes());"Sent request to server");
int responseTimeOutSecs = 60 //will wait for 60 secs for response
httpConn.setConnectTimeout(responseTimeOutSecs * 1000);
httpConn.setReadTimeout(responseTimeOutSecs * 1000);

Now, as a test, I shut down the Server Application (not the app.server) that serves the page I am trying to read.

But the code just hangs at

InputStreamReader httpInputStreamReader =
new InputStreamReader(httpConn.getInputStream());

Instead of throwing a SocketTimeoutException as explained in the JavaDoc.

Have you seen similar behavior?

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Joined: 2005-05-10


Just a thought. Did you try to set the timeouts before any of the getInput/getOutputStream calls? I seem to remember that you need to set these before the socket is opened.

That said, I have had more success using the Apache HTTP Client...

Best regards,

Harald K

Joined: 2005-06-08

The answer is yes. Thanks for replying to my question anyway.
I am also looking at apache http client now.