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Cezanne - Java Swing Look and Feel Engine 2.1 Released

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Centigrade, a German user interface design and development company just recently launched the 2.1 version of their Java Swing Look and Feel Engine Cezanne.

Cezanne allows to create engaging Java Swing Look and Feels that can easily compete with other modern Rich Internet Application GUI technologies in terms of quality.

Java Swing is not exactly famous for inspiring GUIs - it has strong talents but they are difficult to unleash. Cezanne leverages all the great visual capabilities that Swing does provide, but in addition, packages them and makes them easily accessible: transparent windows and popups can be equipped with glow and drop shadow effects, arbitrary areas can be covered with realistic material textures, GUI components can have non-rectangular shapes and a lot more...

More information on the Cezanne Look and Feel engine can be found here:

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Joined: 2007-07-17

It is cool, but I can't find any pricing info.
Also I'd like to buy some icons from your set
and need custom application icon.