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Build issues when project checked in & pulled on other machine from SVN

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Joined: 2010-03-02

Has anyobody encountered this issue. A master index project builds fine on a machine - you check it in SVN - pull down on other machine - make some mods using configuarin edit - build again - it gives following build error (also loses all kinds of links to libs in EJB portion of proj as well)

blahblah..../nbproject\build-impl.xml:131: Container error: com.sun.inti.container.ContainerException: Missing type deployment descriptor file

line 131 is -

I could be missing some basic thing but I saw a similar issue from past (issue #340) which talks about not being able to rebuild after svn check in but not very clear of the solution or what am I doing wrong.

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Joined: 2010-01-26

I was able to resolve this issue by removing the .svn folder from the src/StandardizationEngine folder, before calling the generate-mdm-index-files ant task.
I believe that the generate-mdm-index-files task expects each subfolder in the src/StandardizationEngine folder to describe a Standardisation Type, which .svn does not and hence causes the task to fail.
For now I have overriden the "gen-mdm-index-files" target to move the .svn folder to a temporary location before executig the generate-mdm-index-files task, and moving it back thereafter: