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Lombardi receives second National Science Foundation award for Open Cobalt

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If anyone is considering going after government or foundation money to support Project Wonderland, let me know. I'm happy to help out with the proposal prep/submission in my free time. I mostly work with NIH stuff these days but I used to assist in NSF and DOE submissions a few years ago.

- Mike

Duke University computer scientist, Julian Lombardi, has received a second NSF Grant in the amount of $300K to advance "intelligent Interfaces for Managing User Experience in Hypermedia-Enabled Virtual Workspaces". This research seeks to 1) provide insights into optimal GUI approaches for managing content and connectivity within virtual workspaces and advance open source virtual world software technologies that can serve as the basis for future research experimentation within virtual workspaces.

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Good for Julian and the Cobalt folks!

Has anyone taken Cobalt for a spin lately?

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First, take note that that grant was five months ago.

One of the Croquet/Cobalt fans in the Second Life Architecture Working Group convinced me to try it a couple months ago. After one iteration of "don't download what's on the website, it's broken" I managed to connect to something. The lag was unbearable and the content limited, and the connection kept breaking. I was not impressed, especially considering this is now the second round of grant funding for Open Cobalt.

Unfortunately I couldn't convince said Croquet/Cobalt fan to log into my Wonderland, I think it's mainly his Smalltalk obsession.

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