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Preview3 (and maybe trunk) launch problems

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This problem of timeouts and failures in the launch process is making me CRAZY. Any time that I re-compile WL on the server the launch process goes through a whole cycle of downloading and verifying which fails and fails and fails. My process now is launch then wait for failure then watch with netstat until all the CLOSE_WAIT and LAST_ACK with port = 8080 to go away then launch again then wait for failure, etc, etc, etc, etc. Finally after 15-20 minutes I get all the way through the download process and then everything runs fine until I need to re-compile. This means that a few cycles of debugging and re-compiling takes hours and hours instead of just a few minutes.

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as a workaround, have you tried running the client from the command line, avoiding the webstart? You can do this by going to the wonderland/core directory and executing

ant run



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Is this the problem? Or is it the glassfish problem where it has to timeout through a series of internet connection failures? If the latter, then the ONLY way I've been able to keep the time under an hour for startup is to physically disconnect from the network. Which I can only do on my desktop box. VERY VERY painful. And setting the java proxy properties didn't help. :(

If it's the former, then nevermind. :)

Oh. I guess it really was the client you are talking about. Sorry... But I'll leave this here in case someone has a cathartic experience that will help both of us.

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