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GRIN scrollable list example

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I am fairly new to GRIN and was able to run/modify some of the included examples on the OCAP-RI simulator.

GRIN, looks really powerful and useful for UI development on OCAP devices, But I have been looking on how to use it to implement scrollable lists.

Would there be examples available or tips on how this can be done ? Or it would be simply better to use LWUIT ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Regards


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Hi Jean,
I am trying to use GRIN for OCAP applications.Can you please help me with the steps/tips to make sample program run in OCAP-RI simulator

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Hi Jean,

I faced a need to have a grin-based scrollable list myself, and was awed in how complicated it can be. There's a sample at
/xlets/tests/functional/ScrollableList. Please check it out.

Are you mentioning Lwuit to provoke us, by the way? :-)