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Automated clients

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As of the last community test in january, I remember there being an automated client that was being used for benchmark testing. Has this code been released? I'm so much interested in a scripted NPC but rather a client that can just connect and appear in world and do "nothing" without needing a seperate computer to operate. Has anyone come across this?


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Joined: 2004-07-13

The benchmark client is in the wonderland source in the test/harness directory. You will also need to install the testharness-usersim module from wonderland-modules/unstable.

I think the most interesting code is in WebstartClientWrapper. It shows that if you use Java Web Start with the following options, it will start a no-graphics test client:

# javaws -Xnosplash -open "-b -username -userdir " http://:8080/wonderland-web-front/app/Wonderland.jnlp

What happens is that the "-b ..." options are passed in to JMEClientMain, where they are parsed to force the test client. So this command will create a user that just stands at the origin.