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rubiks cube tips???

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Joined: 2010-02-18

Hi im new to j3d, im a bit lost as im trying to create the sub rotations and i want to do this by picking a corner cubie and depending on which face of that cubie, it rotates up,left,right.

Im having trouble creating these subgroups in the scenegraph structure as these will change as the cube is rotated so these subgroups are going to be constantly updated during runtime.

this is my scenegraph structure

/ \

cube BG Lighting BG
root TG
cubie TGs
box...box27(each with geometry and appearance set)

i was wondering if someone could suggest how i can add the subgroups to my scenegraph???

Also i want to use PickMouseBehaviour, so would i be able to do these updates in the updateScene method or is that supposed to be used for something else??