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Reliability of a connection

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Can anybody explain how is the reliability of a connection to understand?
I have 2 peers. Onet runs the jxtaServerPipe and the other connects to it via:
JxtaBidiPipe.connect(PeerGroup group, PeerID peerid, PipeAdvertisement pipeAd, int timeout, PipeMsgListener msgListener, boolean reliable)
I tried to set reliable to true and also to false. Then killed one of the peers and tried to send message via the pipe. In both cases a IOException is raised. Shouldn't it be so, that when reliable is set to false, no exception is raised? Or I just misunderstand the reliability concept?

Best regards, Filip

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Reliability works a bit like messages acknoledgment on TCP. A set of messages is sent and acknowledgement of reception by the target peer is waited before additional messages are sent.

If a peer is killed, then one has to know that reliability can't be achieved. We can't really pretend that nothing happened... no? Things are not going to get better.