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Guys how do I append classes/jars to the BootClassPath of Squawk? In others JVM's implementations (phoneME CDC/CLDC, SunJDK...) I can easily add the desired stuff to Xbootclasspath. But it appears that this option is not on the X-tended of the Squawk JVM. It seems that I need to edit squawk.suite, but it's a binary file. Theres also squawk.suite.api with a bunch of "core" objects with JNI declarations. it's there that I need to modify???? I really need this stuff, because I need to change/overwrite/add some stuff in Squawk.

Command Output:
marcos@hades:~/Softwares/squawk$ ./squawk -X
-Xmx: set Squawk RAM size (default=8192Kb)
-Xmxnvm: set Squawk NVM size (default=8192Kb)
-Xboot: load bootstrap suite from file (default=squawk.suite)
-Xtgc: set GC trace flags where 'n' is the sum of:

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I see you got lost in my huge to do list like everyone else :(

So, the bootclasspath is not part of Squawk, as Squawk uses prebuilt suites. What you would need to do is build the bootstrap suite (usually squawk.suite) with the correct class path. If you are still trying to figure this out lets talk here.