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How to setup glassfish connection to external JMS provider

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Hi all,

I'm a glassfish newbie and wish to know how to configure it so my EJBs and MDBs can send and receive messages to an external JMS provider (in this case Fiorano). Right now I have a ConnectionFactory and some Topics set up under the Resources/JMS Resources tree, but I understand those are for the provider that comes with Glassfish? What are the steps to setting up an external JMS connection, and do I need to drop the Fiorano provider's jars anywhere? (If I'm writing a standalone app that connects to Fiorano, I need to include the Fiorano provided jms jars in my classpath, will these conflict with Glassfish's jars?)

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

(My glassfish version is Sun Java System Application Server 9.1_01 (build b09d-fcs)) How do I find out whether it's v2 or v3?

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Deepu Syamaladevi Janardhananachary (UST, IND)


Better u ask this to

You will have to use generic ra. Follow this link. In this, instead of Tibco use your Fiorano

Feel free to ask any thing regarding this.


Deepu Janardhananachary