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General question regarding mobile browser apps

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Hello all,
I was wondering something, I've heard that there is a tendency to create browser applications directly which will run on the browser of any smart phone, instead of writing J2ME apps for example. Some people think this is the future. What do you think about it ?

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Browser apps on smartphones can be made to work well provided they have support for offline mode. The issue with Feature phones (ie not smartphones) is they don't have the support needed for such support. And as much as Verizon or ATT want you to think their phones work in every nook and cranny of the US, the actual TRUTH is they DO NOT. Most of the mid-west (Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, N.&S. Dakota, etc...) does not have coverage outside a few large metro areas, and thus no access to these apps.

On the other hand the total failure of Sun to promote and support JavaME has lead to the slow and painful death of the Java Midlet market. The sad thing is now many of those associated with struggles of JavaME are trying to join forces against the Apple store to have a common service for purchasing apps. In this effort they want to find a way to have a common architecture for apps that will not fragment. Doh we had one and the bone headed carriers couldn't follow well documented specs and test to keep JavaME from fragmenting, and have actually said they intentionally fragmented it as a way to differentiate them in the market.

Is browser apps the way of the future... Heaven help us if it is. Think of the issues everyone has writing a desktop browser app. Now realize that on a mobile phone there are more variations than just IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera, and thus it means more code to figure out and handle browser specific processing.

I know everyone wants to have their special cool way of doing something, and with IP patents sometimes we are forced to do things different, but using good software and not always thinking that "I know better how to.." and just working within the box but in cleaver new ways we all could get further down the technology road than being bogged down with infighting among factions of technology.

But these are my opinions, and thoughts YMMV.


Joined: 2009-10-11

Well sfitzjava, thank you for your opinion. It is indeed very helpful.

Currently we are building our project using LWUIT and we are considering the web app variant.

I'll be happy to hear other people's opinions on this.