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WS and tomcat - file not found problem

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I have a little web service that works fine when i deploy it on a tomcat 6.0 server using eclipse.
It is used to transform a XML file (that contains a reference to a file img/logo.gif) into a PDF file. The PDF file is generated with that logo.
The img/logo.gif file is into a JAR file used the WS.

Now, I have created a WAR file to put my WS on a server.
The web service is deployed correctly, i can see the WSDL when I type is URL on a browser, and when I execute it the PDF is correctly generated. The only problem is that the logo image is not put on the file. In the tomcat console a message indicating that the image has not been found is displayed.

Remember: the image file is on a JAR file that is on the WAR file. When I open the jar file on the MyWebservice/WEB-INF/lib directory, I can see clearly that the image file is there with the correct name and correct path.

Just to try, I put the img/logo.gif directory/file on the tomcat root directory, and like this, the image has been found and the PDF generated with the image.

I hope that I have explained well my problem.

What am I missing for the image been found?


Best regards