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Some question about Wonderland`s GUI

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Joined: 2009-11-17

Hi friends, I am very new about Wonderland`s GUI, and I think it is not using FengGUI or something else existing GUI, so I want to know why this project didn`t use the three package GUI ?

And another question is : If I want to swap wonderland to run in Applet, is FengGUI a good choice for me, or any other good suggestion ?

I really need your guy`s help, thx in advance ~

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Joined: 2004-06-03

We looked at FengGUI for the Wonderland HUD, but decided against using it for two reasons:

1. We'd need to replace FengGUI's look and feel since it didn't match the style we wanted for the Wonderland UI
2. We could use Swing instead which is more stable and familiar to existing Java developers - we wanted to make it easy for developers to port existing Swing-based applications to Wonderland

I did do some prototyping with FengGUI before I discovered that we could use Swing via Wonderland's embedded Swing support. So, if you want to use it, you should be able to make it work.


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I don't think the team are familiar with FengGUI, so we use Swing. I can't comment on your choice of FengGUI to run inside an applet.