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How to join and use more than one PeerGroup simultaneously?

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I did search in many sites and read several posts, tutorials, javadocs, guides, and books (including the last one, "Practical JXTA") about JXTA (I'm using JXSE 2.5 right now, so I focused my searching on this version). I've checked quite a few examples, and perused the jxse-shell and other applications' code.

However, despite my best effort, I couldn't find any good example of an application which is able to join to more than one PeerGroup at the same time AND runs with JXSE 2.5. (It's easy to bump into drawings showing that arrangement is possible, but I really need a practical demonstration of it.. My attempts to code it myself were unsuccessful until now.)

By any chance do you know such an example? If you don't, could you point me to a place in the Internet where I should proceed with my investigation?

Please, any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your attention.

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There is a bug that has been corrected in 2.6 beta 2. Before that release, peergroups that were not children of the World peer group could not EVER connect to other peers. So, what you are trying to achieve with 2.5 is impossible, sorry.

This issue is now corrected. There is a code example made available in the latest programmer's guide release (see connectivity monitor). The link is: