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EBIF development on the RI?

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Joined: 2009-11-03

I am looking to do some EBIF application development and heard that the RI supports the running of EBIF applications.

I also heard that there is a Enhanced TV (ETV) Test Suite available.

Can anyone point me to any documentation or resources for EBIF development, using the RI, ETV test suite, and/or any other environments?


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Joined: 2010-02-26

OEDN is working with developers and universities on end-to-end app testing - you might want to look into the possibilities at

Joined: 2007-04-04

The RI does not inherently support running EBIF apps. You need some type OCAP-based user agent to extract and interpret the EBIF in the stream.

(shameless plug for a free product) The TVWorks XDK provides both OCAP and EBIF development support. The EBIF support is via TVWorks' MAX language.We bundle the OCAP RI with the XDK.
You can find out more here:

Good luck.

Joined: 2008-04-23

CableLabs has authored an OCAP-based ETV User Agent which runs on the OCAP RI, and whose purpose is to test ETV applications. CableLabs also has an ETV application Test Suite, whose purpose is test ETV User Agents. Currently both tools are furnished only to CableLabs MSO members, and are not available to the open source community.

Joined: 2009-07-27

Could I please get a little clarification on this UA? Is it integrated with the RI, or is it written entirely on top of it (i.e., is it pure OCAP)?

Joined: 2008-04-23

The CableLabs UA is not integrated with the OCAP-RI. It runs as a standard OCAP application on top of it. The CL UA also runs on a variety of OCAP STBs. Once again, the CL UA is currently only provided to CableLabs member companies.