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help with web services and WAS server

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I'm working with a application were I developed some web services and they were uploaded at a glassfish server, evrything was working fine.

One co-worker was working at other very similar application, then we have to join both into one big application that had others.

The problem came when we were told that we need to put the .war of our application (the ones who got the webservices, the big application just make references from them) into a IBM WAS server.

First my co-worker did that and everything went ok, then put my application into the WAS server, but then when I refresh my web services references and put the new url for the wsdl it gave this error:

I try testing with a new application adding some web service references from my WS and my co-worker WS and only mine got that error

I got no idea why this is happening, i got the same web service declaration as my co-worker, did the same when i install my application at the WAS server.

the WAS server version is 7, I'm working at netbeans 6.8

Thanks in advance