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platformRequest in phoneme feature mr4

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Joined: 2009-12-21

I have installed phoneme feature mr4 in my linux/arm device. I have compiled it for linux_fb. Now, i want to access native function in my device from J2ME. Is it possible to do that?

i found something like platformRequest does allow calling native applications from J2ME. It is not implemented for linux_fb in phoneme_mr4 so i copied the implementation from linux_qte. Is it OK to do that? Is there any major difference in the way platformRequest should be implemented for linux_fb and linux_qte?

Though this source compiles, but when i run an application to test platformRequest, nothing happens. Also i don't know where to set the path for binary to be called by platformRequest. While running in emulator, there was something like internal.config in lib directory of WTK where i can set the path, but there is no such config file in midp build of phoneme. How do i set the path for the binary ?