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JXTA Programming / Shell help required

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Joined: 2010-01-25

so far I can communicate between two different peers via JXTA API(Programming) or via Shell(by providing commands to JXTA Shell.) using pipes, tcp, BIDI pipes e.t.c.

my problem is that if I use JXTA programming, the client and server communicate with each other fascinatingly but if I tried to view their advertisement on Shell I cant (that means the client and server are communicating on this local machine and has nothing to do with world peer group) may be my knowledge is not so much in this technology as i am new here so plz ignore any stupid statement.

Goal of my work is to make group which will have one or more Rendezvous peers servicing the client peers about advertisements so that client peers can communicate with each other.
I read all JXTA Programming guide and run its examples but they are for single pc i mean the same problem they have. thats why i cant find any concrete idea to cover up this hurdle.

can you plz help me to solve this problem in any case. further if you have any example / tutorial (JXTA code) by which I can check its advertisements on Shell

waiting for your kind reply

thanx in advance


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Joined: 2007-01-31

The shell project is buggy and has not been maintained by anyone recently. So I don't think that this can be achieved with the Shell right now, unless someone volunteers to work on it.