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Project Wonderland

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Hi all,
I have joint a project on my university and what I am required to is to build a ticking analog clock and import it into wonderland project as .kmz file. I have had some research but there is something that I could not solve; for clock model I have used google sketch up and for making it tick I converted my .skp file into .obj file and imported it into java, in java I found an API called "j3d" and I had a 3D ticking clock, but what I could not understand is how am I going to convert it into a .kmz file ? Can anybody suggest me a way to do that or any approach to make my dreams alive :) . Thank you for your all help in advance.

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You can also look at Morris' scripting module.


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does your project specify that you cannot add the animations via Java? In which case take a look at the animation framework that Wonderland uses. You can then import your model of the clock (and its hands) and animate them in code. To see how this might be achieved, take a look at the animation in the audio recorder module where I animate the reels of the recorder.

hope this helps