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Java Compiler Start

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Joined: 2010-02-04

After successfully installing SE Development Kit 6.0,what is the next step? How can I access the Java compiler to enter code, should there be an icon on my Windows screen?

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Joined: 2010-03-09

Good evening am having a hard time to compile my java projects

I have download JDK 18 etc.

The problem is with my path settings

When i type in MS DOS my path this is what i get



Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18\BIN ;C:\Sun\SDK\bin

What is wrong with this.

As when i type JAVAC in my MS DOS I am not able to get anything to work.

As it does not recognize JAVAC as a file or batch etc

suggestions please. I have read the tutorials and follow instructions
so far not successful

thanks for all yours help

Joined: 2008-08-26

Make sure you have javac.exe file under C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18\BIN or C:\Sun\SDK\bin . If not, add an entry in the path where you have the file javac.exe. This would be the problem for any executable that the OS is not finding executable for. Good luck.

Ravi Balla

Joined: 2005-05-27

Hi and welcome to the Java Community.
Short answer: Take a look at this tutorial especially the "Getting Started" chapter ( It will do exactly that: Get you started.

Long answer: From th way you phrase your questions I guess you expect the JDK (Java Development Kit) to be some kind of IDE. It is not. Maybe you'll want to take a look at Netbeans ( ).
The JDK only provides the command line utilities to compile code: for Windows, that's javac.exe and to run the compiled class files, java.exe, and many other utilities.

I hope this helps.

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