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SAS looking to connect to VirtualBox IP ??? (192.168...)

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The Shared Applicatioon Server would run the Xvfb processes, and the X applications, but the darkstar serverr (I think?) was trying to access it via a 192 IP address which was the VirutalBox virtual network IP. I deleted the SAS component, re-created it using nodename and then IP and neither worked. We read through all the posts on the forum we could find, but none of the solutions helped. Each time we restarted the server, the SAS would try :2, then :3, :4, etc. Then we disabled VirtualBox and it worked. Has anyone seen this before??

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I think this is a duplicate that was reported to me (off forum) by Nigel's group at BCU: their set up was that they had a server with two network interfaces enabled. The SAS wanted to connect to the wrong one. I don't think we ever got to the bottom of it (other than suggesting the workaround to turn off the second interface).



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That does sound the same as our problem.
It's bug 1106:

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I have been able to run the sas on a kubuntu guest with the WL server on the windows host -- on the same machine. Haven't tried seeing if I can use the solaris host in this configuration. In other words, maybe once vbox is installed, I HAVE TO use it for the SAS -- at least until we figure out what's causing the problem. Does that make any sense? (Feel free to say no.)