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Problem in BoundingSphere

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Hello Friends
I am loading a object.I know its pivot point in some other application from where i exported and that is (0,0,0).But when I created a scene and use getBounds then it is not coming (0,0,0).It is coming (-0.06,1.46,38.34).
So what I did ,I changed the translation to (0,0,0) of transformgroup to which this object is added.
And i setted the boundingSphere to this points tht object returning(-0.06,1.46,38.34) with radius 1000).
Now ,I am facing two problems.
First problem is tht i am not able to rotate object around its center means its pivot point is setted somewhere else.

Second problem is tht when I set the position of spotLight then object is coming black. and tht light position coordinate are also coming from my other application and I am using same coordinate here in this virewer.

Please advice me something.
Thanks In Advance.

Yogesh Sikri