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Voice bridge behind firewall

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Joined: 2009-09-24

What's the configuration to voicebridge behind firewall?. I need client and server configuration.

When I try to use chat feature, I get an AUDIO WILL NOT WORK ERROR.

I have tried with wiki, but post is erased.

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Joined: 2008-03-31

Here are some links that should help:
(Note that the last two links are quite similar. The documents jump page points to the ...Firewall05 page but this doesn't have the application sharing information which the ...Firewall page does contain)

This one is useful for figuring out which ports need to be forwarded (it has a more extensive list of ports than the other links above):

I've had some, but not total, success getting the Project Wonderland server working on a Windows PC running Ubuntu in a VirtualBox virtual machine (and mapping all the ports to 9100-9999 range for various reason I won't go into). The above links were quite useful for figuring this.

What would be good is a complete list of ports, together with associated values together with an example or two. I am trying to put this together - if only I had more time....