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windows in lg3d

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hello, here I am with the research of the parameter setting has to make if possible so that the window of the Windows application would be in lg3d as on linux the problem C that same if I launch lg3d in full, it launches me the windows of my application apart from lg3d, impossible of bill of quantities has l' interrior as under linux?? thank you for your assistance

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William Tracy

LG3D has no Windows integration like you want.

You have two options:

1. Implement this functionality yourself. I'm not sure how much help
you'll get, as this community is kind of dying.

2. Go to Linux. If your applications will run under Wine (a Windows
emulator for Linux) they will be X11 applications from LG3D's point of
view. If your application won't run under Wine, you'll have to either
patch Wine (I can't help you with that) or port your apps to Linux.

Sorry, there's no simple existing solution for what you want to do.

William Tracy
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