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Module deployment and get a specific revision

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I have a module that includes web pages on server admin.
It was deployed fine in wonderland version on Dec.2009, but it was not deployed in current trunk version of wonderland. (rev. 4773)
Since I did not get any error message when I deploy this module, I am spending hard time to solve it. When I deploy it, it is placed on "run/content/modules/pending" directory on the server. It doesn't go to the "run/content/modules/installed" directory.
Also, I am needing to checkout specific revisions of wonderland.
Is there any way to checkout the version in Dec, 2009 since I already update my wonderland source?
Any thought or help would be appreciated.

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First, please read for background.

You likely are depending upon a core module whose version has changed to v0.5. Go into your build.xml file for your module and check all of the tags. They should depend upon majorVersion="0" and minorVersion="5" in all likelihood. Rebuilt your module and re-install. That should clear it up.

Joined: 2008-02-02

Hi Jordan,

It solved my problem.