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Database - RMS problems using J2ME for voting system..

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I am now on a project of developing an application for mobile devices. A java based voting system through bluetooth. So, i am fully utilized the J2ME and the bluetooth technology. Both Server and Clients are using mobile devices to communicate. That is why i am fully utilized the J2ME.

Upon developing the system, i faced some problems that urgently need to be solved. The problems involved the database itself as i'm using the RMS (Record Management System) for the databse storage.

The problems are:
1) As Client send data to the Server, all previous data are gone and being replace with the new data that is being sent. Is it how it supposed to work..? As i'm developing a voting system that needs vote from client and adding all the received votes, are there any possibilities for me to just update the database (eg: names, no. of votes, etc) without lost the previous data..?

2) One more thing, is it possible for me to make all the database of my Client visible to Server (when i sign in myself as Server)..?? (eg. of database: voters' name, voters' voting, etc..)

Really needs your help..

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Have you finished your project succesfully?

I wouild like to try that app. I can see many interesting applications fot it.