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Preveryfy error on special character

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Joined: 2010-01-22

Hey guys, when I called previerfy.exe on my project ( i passed in my project bin folder) in a Korean version windows XP, I got an error looked like this:
Can't open dir C:\DemoWorkspaces\Demo5\LocalizationDemo\bin/com.test.samples.device.localizationdemo.LocalizationDemo£.abc/.

The com.test.samples.device.localizationdemo.LocalizationDemo£.abc contains a pound character '£'. It is actually a file. It seemed the preverify.exe tried to search my bin folder for class files and treated it as a folder but could not open it. This problem happened under almost all non-english version windows XPs. I tried to change the "Lauguage for non-unicode programs" option to English, the problem was gone. But I want to set it as Korean. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.