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problem with socket example

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Joined: 2010-01-22


I tried to run the socket example from the tutorial but keep getting a timeout.
Someone knows what can be the cause of this problem?


INFO: Creating InputPipe for urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E5047205032503357AA73ADECC84BFCB5A883AE868D870A04 of type JxtaUnicast with listener
22-jan-2010 17:32:33 net.jxta.impl.endpoint.router.RouteControl addRoute
WARNING: Failed to connect to address :jxta://uuid-59616261646162614E50472050325033FA798F17442942718E4FF1809A95FA4F03
22-jan-2010 17:32:33 net.jxta.impl.resolver.ResolverServiceImpl sendMessage
WARNING: Failed to add route for urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E50472050325033FA798F17442942718E4FF1809A95FA4F03 Connection (resolution) timeout
Run #2
Connecting to the server
at net.jxta.socket.JxtaSocket.connect(
at net.jxta.socket.JxtaSocket.(
at chabernac.p2pmesenger.SocketClient.main(
22-jan-2010 17:32:35 net.jxta.impl.pipe.InputPipeImpl
INFO: Creating InputPipe for urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E50472050325033B1D8F01647C144598135C5BA674B881704 of type JxtaUnicast with listener
22-jan-2010 17:32:36 net.jxta.impl.resolver.ResolverServiceImpl$FailureListener messageSendFailed
WARNING: Clearing SRDI tables for failed peer : urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E50472050325033FA798F17442942718E4FF1809A95FA4F03

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Joined: 2010-01-22

Hi guys,

I finally found a solution to this problem.
The jvm had no internet connectivity. After specifying the proxy server, port, username and passwd things started to work. I added the following parameters when starting server and client:

-Dhttp.proxyHost=[proxyHost] Dhttp.proxyPort=[proxyPort] Djxta.proxy.user=[proxyUser] Djxta.proxy.password=[proxyPassword]

Hope this can help someone else too.